Dear Jacque Fresco: Goodbye old friend.



Jacque Fresco, the man who introduced me to post scarcity economics, is dead. His quantitative evaluation of resources/technology along with his qualitative understanding of dimensions of human psychology (in regards to incentives) have lead to arguments that have abolished any possible apologies for exchange value and money as an idealistic distributive mode. For a world with an access abundance for all, For a post scarcity economy. May the dreams of the Venus Project be actuated through communalist rudders. Rest in Power Jacque Fresco. May the ripple effect of your best ideas go onward and may we never build a statue of you to hold us back from transcending your thoughts.

Jacque Fresco Lived a 101 year old life. One of the sharpest elders ive ever heard speak. Lived in obscurity until zeitgeist addendum popularized his ideas. Zeitgeist film series seemed to be the only thing capable of popularizing Fresco, yet simultaneously a film series bound to alienate the masses from the best ideas Fresco had (due to their conspiratorial nature). Fresco spoke of the ultimate negative program, a world without states, capitalism, money, hierarchy etc. and a good positive program of a post scarcity economy. For all the flaws in his vision, he is someone most everyone should interface with to learn from.



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